5 Secret Beauty Weapons for NYE

Published On September 5, 2018 | By Eirish Smith | Shopping

While New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly full of glitz and glamour, it also has its fair share of beauty-battling obstacles! Long waits and over-crowded venues, all the while manoeuvring in high heels, a fancy dress and Chanel sunglasses (or whatever other fab party outfit you’ve chosen for the night!) Fear not, festive revellers! We have you covered. We’ve got your five secret beauty weapons for the night to make sure you stay flawless all the way into 2019!

1) Blotting Sheets

The difference between a dewy glow and an oily sheen is a fine line. Stay on the good side of things with blotting sheets! Simply press your way into your skin’s good graces. We love Boscia’s Green Tea Blotting Linens for their smooth texture and fresh scent.

2) Matte Powder

Oil control is a two-step process! Blot, then set. Matte powder is something all us oily-complexion girls swear by. Instead of brushing it across your face, press it into your skin to get a matte finish that lasts all night long. Don’t have oily skin? Matte powder is also a great way to set your make-up for the night and give pores a smooth finish. Make-Up Forever’s HD Powder is light as a feather and will leave you looking photo-ready.

3) Hairspray

Hairspray is a miracle product for beauty gurus! Aside from keeping your locks in place, savvy gals can also use it to halt pesky runs in their nylons and keep rebellious stray brow hairs tamed (spray on your fingers and smooth those babies out!) Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco makes an argan oil hairspray that will moisturize so nothing feels too sticky. It even comes into a purse-friendly travel size.

4) Salve

And by salve, we just mean a thicker, more versatile lip balm. Obviously a staple for keeping your lips luscious for that New Year’s kiss but also a girl’s best friend when it comes to on-the-go moisturizing. Spot a dry patch on your face while dancing the night away? Just rub a tiny bit of salve into the problem area for a quick fix. Works well for exposed knees and elbows as well. Smith’s Classic Rosebud Salve is tried and true and comes in a heavenly yet light rose scent.

5) Pantyhose

Not so much a beauty product, but a lifesaver when it comes to party nights out. Keep a pair of tights in your purse (they take up shockingly little space when rolled into a tight little ball) and we guarantee you or one of your girlfriends will be happy you did! Helpful for when an existing pair rips, or if you decide it’s getting too frisky for bare legs. They can also be used with the hairspray to remove lint and other little intrusions on your outfit. Simply spray the pantyhose lightly with hairspray and rub down your clothes. American Apparel’s Sheer Luxe Blackseam Pantyhose are classic and sexy.

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