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Published On February 29, 2016 | By Eirish Smith | Shopping

There are many occasions throughout the year when you find yourself wondering what to give to a client or coworker who has made a difference in the growth of your organization and is deserving of special recognition.  We’re not talking about an employee making a lateral move; you can give a pat on the back and a few “atta boys” at lunch for that. Nor are we talking about a promotion of the bosses nephew who may or may not be worthy of the boost up the ladder.

We are talking about an employee who comes to the end of a truly exemplary career and to whom special recognition is warranted. That’s when you could turn to the experts in premium gifts. These are specialists who guide you to the level of gifting that is right for the sentiment you want to express. But too often their services come at a cost that can quickly get out of hand if you don’t stick to your plan.

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A quick look online shows that many business owners are doing their own search, opting for trending items that come up so quickly, they’re not even listed in the latest edition of the company premium catalogue. Nothing says “I lack originality” like giving the proverbial company watch. And with more and more women breaking through the glass ceiling, it’s appropriate to show you appreciate their unique contributions.

Choosing just the right gift for the professional who designed the award-winning child care center or led your division to uncover waste and abuse that saved you thousands of dollars might be tricky, but the sophistication of a personalized gift can go a long way to show real appreciation. For example, Swarovski has a stylish ballpoint pen that has a concealed 16 GB USB stick that’s a real beauty. Its refined lacquered case comes in a variety of finishes and dazzles with over a thousand brilliant crystals.   You can save photos of special memories on the stick that will be appreciated for years to come. You can even use a Groupon Coupon to purchase the pen, or other premium items online, and receive free shipping if your order qualifies.

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There are hundreds of ways to show your appreciation to your staff, whether for special services, retirement, or contests prizes. One thing’s for sure, with savings of up to 40% off glamorous items like the USB ballpoint pen, your gift giving can be “one and done.”

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