HR Marketing: Become The ‘Employer Brand’ To Reckon With!

Published On November 4, 2018 | By Eirish Smith | Business

Contrary to what many businesses still believe, marketing is not just about products and services. It is about creating a brand, which is also why ‘branding’ is an overused and abused term on many promotional memos. Your business is a brand, and that should be the overall perception, not just for the customers, but also for people who work and may work for your company. When potential candidates and existing employees treat your business as an ‘employer brand’, it simplifies the process of both recruitment and retention. With agencies like, HR Marketing is much simpler. Here’s how you can get the right start.

Understand how it all works

HR Marketing typically starts with research. Understanding how employees and candidates perceive your brand at the moment is critical, because that determines where you want to reach. The next step is employer brand deployment, which involves creating recruitment strategy and a plan for talent acquisition. If you have hired the right agency, you can expect to get tips on strategic planning of human resources, with ways to organize events, workshops, training programs and more, all of which will help in retaining people within the organization.

HR marketing is not a onetime drill

Just like conventional marketing, HR marketing is not a onetime thing for businesses. It requires strategy and a clear plan, which again must be revised time and again. Most companies, especially startups and small businesses, don’t have the required expertise with HR marketing, and that’s because it’s not a mainstream activity in marketing. However, with an experienced agency for work, you can simplify the process of employer branding and get assured returns on the investment.

Quick look at other aspects

If you are considering HR marketing, start by understanding your current HR challenges. That should give a clear insight on what problems must be addressed first. It is also essential to do surveys and internal assessments to understand how employees see your brand. If the retention rates are not healthy, it will increase the cost of recruitment, which can mean more losses with time.

Also, before stepping in the process of HR marketing, talk to the agency you have hired and ask them about the costs involved. It is possible to work around a budget, and that’s a big advantage, more so for small companies that have to use employer branding strategies as they cannot afford the fat paychecks.

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