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Published On November 7, 2016 | By Eirish Smith | Business

Just like the rest of the world, we depend on the internet. So much so that one can feel the limitation of not having it. That same feeling can happen if you are tethered to a modem by a wired connection. So, like many others we have made the switch to wi-fi. Granted with the options today you don’t even need to think about it, considering how integrated wi-fi is in almost every device, ranging from refrigerators and lightbulb, as some more extreme examples. But, with the advances in media, such as video games and television. You now require as faster connection to keep up or face a lower quality in your entertainment. This has cause people to return to hardline connections to prevent this issue, making us bound back to the days of wired connections. But, what if I told you that you do not have to this chain method? You, like I, would welcome back that freedom. All you have to do is invest into a proper powerful wireless router.

My personal favorite when it comes to routers, is that of ZYXEL’s AC2600 router. I chose this because of how much of a gamer I am and my roommates are as well. Since we all cannot have a modem in our rooms without having our own individual ones, to have a hardline to the internet. This router provides the stability and speed to meet our needs, even when we are using it at the same time. Providing up to 1733MB per second, we are often challenge ourselves just to see if we can exceed these speeds. Transmitting sees about the same speed, which is perfect, considering we like to live stream some of our games on twitch. The multiple antennas, give better coverage throughout the house, by broadcasting in every direction. Considering how many people we have over on occasion, we can stream anything to our TV, while anyone can be connected to the Wi-Fi.

Though neither my roommates or myself have ever needed to run a website or anything, I thought it a neat feature, that you could share files with other users from what I’ve been told a pretty good rate. I also really enjoy the design. I know that is the least of what you should look at when buying a product. But, it is definitely pretty to look at, not to mention durable. It has been dropped more times than I care to say and it preforms just as well as the day we got it.

Overall, I cannot recommend this router any more than I already have. It pretty powerful and may be more than anyone using the internet in moderation would need. But, if you have multiple gamers in your home, it would be the perfect router to take on that job. Its handling of multiple users with high demand over a wide space, is just superb at the job. So, if you need a good router, give this one a look.

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